The SIDS/UFT Participating Dentist Program

The SIDS/UFT Participating Dentist Program was organized by SIDS in cooperation with the UFT Welfare Fund in 1979 to provide quality dental care to active and retired members of the United Federation of Teachers and their families. More than half of the 250,000 persons who are currently eligible for UFT Welfare Fund benefits utilize the services of network dentists. You are invited to apply for membership in the provider network.

Membership in the network is select and limited based on geographic location and professional qualification. The limited size of the provider panel, the extensive distribution of UFT Welfare Fund members, its strong endorsement by the Fund and the favorable reputation the SIDS/UFT provider network has earned over the years has made this an extremely successful program.

Scroll down to view a representative list of network fees and plan provisions. The plan has no maximum or deductible. If a patient is eligible for benefits under an additional group dental plan other than the UFT Welfare Fund plan, you are entitled to the benefits available from both plans. A more complete list of fees and plan provisions is available from SIDS — 516-396-5508.

SIDS prepares, prints and distributes instructive and promotional materials to UFT Welfare Fund members publicizing the many advantages of the plan. SIDS staff members are readily available by phone, fax or email to assist dentists and their patients by providing information regarding plan provisions, helping expedite claims payments, responding to patient requests for clarification of coverage and charges and providing other day to day assistance.The cost of providing these administrative and promotional services, which are fundamental to the success of this program, is underwritten by a membership fee of $50 per participating office per month.

UFT members are highly educated professionals with an above average dental awareness who are exceptionally motivated with respect to their oral health and accustomed to excellent professional care. Should you apply and be accepted on the panel, you will have the opportunity to bring patients of the highest caliber and standing into your practice.

If you believe membership in this Program will be beneficial to your practice, I urge you to fill out the online application promptly. If you have any questions or require clarification or additional information, please do not hesitate to call SIDS at 516-396-5501.

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